Free Website Audit, Services SEO, near you, Berlin, Germany

# # #Free Website Audit, Services SEO, near you, Berlin, Germany

What is SEO Auditing

An SEO audit is standard procedure for any website. A properly done SEO audit should give you a better insight into your website, individual pages and overall traffic. It is a great way to improve performance allowing you to rank better in the SERPs

A search engine optimization audit is designed to add value and improve the information from which marketing decisions are made. By analyzing critical SEO components, a company can develop a prioritized action plan to improve organic search results

Keeping Your SEO Healthy

Do you schedule an annual exam or “well-visit” with your doctor? Well, think of an SEO audit as a well-visit for your website. An SEO expert analyzes your site to assess its overall health, relevance, and compliance with SEO best practices. The report will also provide a list of suggested action items and other recommendations to help you increase organic search traffic by improving your ranking on Google.

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What are the Benefits of an SEO Audit?

Research shows that three-quarters of Internet users will never scroll past the first page of search results. If you want to drive traffic to your website, you need to rank well on keywords relative to your market. This first-page mentality among web users should put an intelligent SEO strategy and regular audits high on your list of marketing priorities.

Keep in mind: There are a lot of competitors vying for that first-page Google listing, so to reach this placement, you need to be on top of your game. While there is much you can do to improve your search engine ranking, there is also a lot that can be done to remove the obstacles that are hurting your placement. An SEO audit gives you a roadmap on how to clean up and tweak your site to improve your ranking.

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When was the last time your site had an SEO checkup? You can get started with our SEO Report card that you’ll find here. If you’re ready to improve your search engine rankings, drive more website traffic, enjoy more conversions, and increase sales, schedule a strategy session with one of our strategists. And it’s less intrusive than a visit to your doctor. Schedule your SEO checkup today! Schedule your session with us today.